Gospel Rappers Exposed

NB: This is just for the fame. 

Gospel rap may be one of the passing genres of music but we are sure it is here to stay, so long as rap and hip-hop (its mother) is alive. The way the youth of today love rap, it’s something that will stay for many generations because we will grow with it and those coming will also grow in it.

Now what is there to expose about Gospel rap? Is there anything at all to expose about Gospel rap? For some people, they think it’s a deception, that hip-hop cannot be holy or sanitized because hip-hop itself is used for vile things. Well to tell those people, if Christmas (originally a pagan tradition) can be made holy, then hip-hop too can.

There’s nothing really to expose about Gospel rap except their apostasy, their falling back into the world(-ly stuff). 1 Timothy 4:1-2 reads,

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

Departing from the faith: This is what I find worth exposing about Gospel rap. Though some few persons may be engaged in it, I think they represent the whole or large chunk of Gospel rap(-pers). Some persons started well in the faith and they were going well, until well, they thought they could do both hip-hop and Gospel rap at the same time. Some came from elsewhere and into the faith but have left for some reason. Clearly, some rappers are departing from the faith because they don’t seem to be benefitting from it or their lives haven’t been touched really. Why this mass apostasy? Why is everybody leaving the faith and standing in middle ground? That’s because we’re in the last days.

Speaking lies in hypocrisy: What these do is that now they do not want to be stereotyped as Christian rappers but to be known generally as rappers who are Christians or rappers who share about the Christian faith. That is like sidelining with the Devil, and as Christ said, he will be ashamed of them and spew them out of his mouth (Mark 8:38; Revelation 3:16). There are no two ways about it, either you are for Christ or against him; the middle ground belongs to the Devil!

Their conscience seared with hot iron: These do not know that their conscience has foiled them, that they are being deceived. These believe that they can do both when in fact, you cannot get hot and cold water when you mix both. When you mix hot and cold water, you will get something in-between, which is what Christ doesn’t like. When your conscience is seared, you yourself do not know it unless others tell you or the Holy Ghost prompts you. It may be hard people convincing you that you’re departing from the faith because you believe so much what you’re doing – and the path you’re taking – to be right.

This is what the Holy Spirit said will happen in the last times. As it is affecting the church, pastors and leaders, so Gospel rappers aren’t left out. Already, some people deem Gospel rap to be unholy and here we are with apostate rappers. Their falling away doesn’t have anything to do with the genre or sub-culture itself but the profession (stance) of their faith.

It is the words they speak that condemns or justifies them, the lyrics of their songs (Matthew 12:37). The ‘talks’ or ‘speeches’ they give here and there will be weighed against them, because, that is what people dwell on to follow or not to follow them. Whether it was a silly word, a by-word, or other, that is no excuse. Your silly words are as important as your planned-out thoughts because they affect people’s lives (Matthew 12:36). As for the swag and other about them, it doesn’t speak much because this is hip-hop.

So these are my few thoughts on exposing Gospel rappers. Gospel rap itself isn’t dead but the rappers. Gospel rap has always been alive since day one, even though it’s changed a lot. God bless you.


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  1. Yes, I agree but I think (personally) that rap is good but not beneficial to me. Rapping songs for worship is like using a worldly method of singing to praise God. I am not here to judge but I think everything in vogue should be scrutinized by the eyes of the Spirit.

    God bless you.


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