Grace Abounding More

So we are living under grace and not under the Law because Christ Jesus was full of grace and truth, in whom we now live. We are not under the Law where if you faltered, you will be punished immediately or have to atone for your sins. Under grace, all sins are overlooked – but not forgiven until you confess – because of the love of God. In this note, we want to look at the work of grace as related in Romans 5:20-6:1.

Many people debate about this but let’s get it right. Grace is not an incentive to sin; grace abounds so that we will repent from our sins. God provided grace so we wouldn’t die in our sins but be saved. Therefore, we are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:8a). The more we believe our God to forgive us, the more we abound in righteousness and eternal life. See, grace abounds so that we wouldn’t be destroyed in God’s wrath but be saved in Christ’s dying love for us.

I heard someone say, “it’s when I fornicate that I feel the anointing and presence of God more”, as though to say, his anointing comes by fornicating. Feeling the anointing or presence of God when you fornicate doesn’t mean God endorses it. The anointing increased because God loves you and doesn’t want you to remain in your sin. Think about it, “If the anointing had reduced, would you have continued with your sin?” You would know assuredly that God is judging you for your sin, but God is not like man (Isaiah 55:9).

If you’ll find otherwise, the anointing could even be demonic and may not be the power of God per se. When the Spirit of God left Saul, it was an evil spirit from God that troubled him. The fact that you feel the anointing whilst you continue to sin doesn’t mean it’s from God, it could be from the Devil. Anointing doesn’t come by fornicating or indulging in other immoral/ sinful act, it comes by fasting and praying (cp. Matthew 17:21).

Be rest assured that God’s provision of His gifts doesn’t depend on our good works but His grace (cp. 1 Corinthians 12:11). When God decides to bless you, that’s because he wants to. His choosing you should not make you proud but humble in His sight so He blesses more.

Also when grace increases, it increased so that you’ll make provision for your sin, lemme explain. Most of the sins we engage in are sins that can be escaped from easily but what do we find, we rather indulge in it because it provides pleasure for a season. See, God’s grace is not to be misused. When grace abounds, it abounded so that we will have time to come out of it fully.

Like an old friend said, “grace doesn’t abound always, it only abounds till you die”. If you die in your sins because you thought grace abounded more, you only have yourself to blame. On Judgment Day, there wouldn’t be any grace or mercy to save you from the punishment of your sin. You’ll have to pay it for yourself because you didn’t let Christ forgive you.

Let’s learn to be wise by using grace to live in holiness and in the fear of God. God bless you.


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