Living Above Your Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs seem to tell us that we live all our life just to satisfy our needs, but I want to say that there is no need greater than our need for salvation. The need to save our souls, which is immortal, cannot be overlooked nor ignored. In today’s note, I want to consider something that is more than our needs.

We are mortal beings and all we think about is carnal because our life is short on earth. When we are planning, we only plan for the time being because that’s all we can ever think of. But if you are heaven-minded or eternity-minded, you will realize that planning for your life goes beyond what is immediate and in our reach. Christians should plan with heaven in their mind.

Have you found someone living above his needs? I could say that’s a rich person, but not the kind of richness you’re thinking of. To have one who ignores his needs and refuses to live by what he needs is someone that is rich, in my perspective. He is rich because he has all he needs.

Let us not only sing in songs that “Jesus is all we need”, let us prove it with our lives too. Let us show the world that life is not all about – meeting your – needs. Let us show them that there is something more than needs, which is important also.

In Matthew 6:31-34, Jesus shows us what that is. Seeking the kingdom of God first and finding righteousness is what is most important. It is most important because without it, we would be dead and lost, our lives will be without meaning and essence. Though we are salt, there wouldn’t be any savour in us because we are no different from those in the world, who seek the same things we seek.

Rather, one way to add value to our life is to live righteously and search for the kingdom of God. When we find it, we’ve found everything we will ever need (rf. Matthew 13:44-46). Some search for pebbles and rubies in other countries, but that’s as only good if we would channel that quest to God’s eternal kingdom. Let us search for the riches of Christ and his grace, and all that is in the Kingdom.

When we do this, people will know that life is not all about needs- trying to satisfy one then the other. Our worrying/ anxiety wouldn’t put food on the table but if we would pray, perhaps we would receive something – that’s enough – for the day.

Let us be content with what we have and praise God for it. Like Bizzle said, “we have more than others have, we only do not look back to see that we’re richer than them” (paraphrased). If we have life, we have more than we can ask for and we should be thankful. Let us add value to our lives by seeking righteousness instead of worldly things. God bless you.


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