Site Relocated 

Hello viewers, please I've relocated my blog to  You can find all the information here on that blog too.  I will keep you updated on any further changes.  God bless you. 


Bloggers Are In Danger!

“What do I mean by this”, you might be saying. Well bloggers are literally in danger if their posts are about political powers or groups. Aside that, bloggers can be in danger if they write about some very powerful and disagreeing persons. Some time ago, I heard that a ‘blogtivist’ was killed because of a... Continue Reading →

What A Shock!

“What a shock” is the headline that you find on an obituary poster here in my country Ghana. There are similar names or terms like “Gone too soon” which is used for the middle ages and “Call to glory” which are used for the elderly, those above or about 70yrs. Why should someone’s death be... Continue Reading →

Leaning On Jesus

Now we have people saying all over Facebook and the airwaves that “do not lean on man or trust in a friend because man is ‘dangerous’. Of course it is a curse to trust in the arm of flesh but that doesn’t mean we should do away with all men. What we tell ourselves is... Continue Reading →

Death Wish

Is there anything you wish to be done for you when you die? That’s a death wish. We do not have wishes or wish for things only in our lifetime, we can wish for things on the day of our death and if our friends and family are faithful, they will execute it on our... Continue Reading →

Donkeys For The Lord

All ye are donkeys and ye are for the Lord - St. Albert XIV. Though we are children of God, we are also donkeys that the Lord rides upon. Believers are likened to many things in Scripture, and one of them is being a donkey. Today, we want to look at us donkeys. We are... Continue Reading →

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