Donkeys For The Lord

All ye are donkeys and ye are for the Lord – St. Albert XIV. Though we are children of God, we are also donkeys that the Lord rides upon. Believers are likened to many things in Scripture, and one of them is being a donkey. Today, we want to look at us donkeys.

We are not horses that are muscular and fearless. As donkeys, we are – to be – humble and obedient to the master who rides upon us and owns us. Donkeys are used for all kinds of work, and so are we in God’s kingdom. We work, witness and worship the Lord as fit. We chew on the cud of God’s word, and ruminate it until it nourishes us wholly. As donkeys spend 6-7 hours feeding, so we should feed on His word so that we will be enriched with love and good works. As donkeys are bred with horses to produce mules, so those who are married to unbelievers can produce men sterile to sin, men who shun evil. 

I stumbled upon the word ‘colt’ because it means a young uncastrated male horse. Did the Lord intentionally ride upon a horse when it’s being forbidden in the law and prophets that the Israelites shouldn’t use horses? Well that ‘trouble’ was settled when I read Matthew 21:2-5.

The colt is not the colt of a horse but that of a donkey. Present dictionaries define colt as that of a horse but Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionary defines it as that of an ass/ donkey. The Greek word there is ‘polos’ which means a young ass. Perhaps the word ‘colt’ then, was also used to refer to the donkey breed.

To give a brief historical background, kings and wealthy persons used horses because they could afford it. Even if Jesus rode upon a young horse, that is because He was the King of the Jews. But since Jesus did not break even one law but fulfilled all, we only can say that he rode on an ass, thus fulfilling the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9.

So we are donkeys for the Lord. If we should follow other leaders or persons, we would only be used for ‘donkey jobs’ as we say in our setting. But if we will give ourselves to the Lord for his use, we will not break one sweat even. We will work but will not toil because the Lord’s work isn’t tedious (Matthew 11:28-30).

I would advise you to give yourself to the Lord as a donkey and you will not regret it. Like the donkey that Jesus rode on, ‘he’ walked on carpet because it was the king coming. The donkey enjoyed in part the praises that was sung to the King though it was only being used. What an honour it was for that donkey, whose details was documented. My prayer for you is that it shall be the same for you. God bless you.


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