Bloggers Are In Danger!

“What do I mean by this”, you might be saying. Well bloggers are literally in danger if their posts are about political powers or groups. Aside that, bloggers can be in danger if they write about some very powerful and disagreeing persons. Some time ago, I heard that a ‘blogtivist’ was killed because of a controversial post and also a Christian blogger killed for the same reason in Europe or so. 

This is nothing to scare you but if you post controversial topics, then you’re sure to make enemies. Note that some of those enemies can be brutal. It is not only what you write on your blog that puts your life at risk, but even your Facebook comments and posts can do the same damage. Now, Facebook can’t be held liable to the court for what you use their platform for, they could even take you off if the government says so.

All the same, my reason for this post is because some time ago, some Google account holders chose to write on/about my posts without letting me in or know about it. I found that regularly, there were ‘references’ to my blog from Google Drive but when I tried looking it out, Google didn’t allow me because I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to view the document(s).

I thought about it for days, and it was becoming common for them to do so. I got scared a little because I knew I’d written about our Moslem brothers (you know these people don’t take/ understand matters the way we do) and it was even the time that I.S. was striking often and spreading fast. So to end the whole thing, I had to spam them (the Googlers) and block them because I did not know what they were ‘using’ my site for. Though they may be far away, I still had to be careful because they came as close as Cote D’Ivoire I think. 

It’s a little scary, isn’t it? Bloggers are in danger and lemme tell you the truth, this world is not as safe as it seems. This is just to throw a word of caution to all bloggers out there, not that I wish evil befalls you. Just be careful what you post (the views you share) and beware of your environment and neighbourhood. God bless you.


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