Death Wish

Is there anything you wish to be done for you when you die? That’s a death wish. We do not have wishes or wish for things only in our lifetime, we can wish for things on the day of our death and if our friends and family are faithful, they will execute it on our behalf.

Today, we want to look at death wishes. Are death wishes biblical? By biblical, I mean not just in the bible but is it right. Is it right or spiritual to wish for something after your death? The only way we can find this is to turn to the New Testament for answers.

But before I do that, I’ll start with a death wish from the Old Testament. Jacob wished – on the day of his death – that his bones be carried to Mamre and buried in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which Abraham his grandfather bought from Ephron the Hittite (Genesis 49:29-30). His children successfully carried out that wish because Jacob charged them.

In the New Testament, we see another death wish being executed by Christ himself. This was or happened on the Cross- when one of the criminals asked Jesus to let him in into the kingdom when he (Christ) appears (rf. Luke 23:42-43). Jesus let him in on that very day because when he died, he went into hell and opened the gates of its prisoners. Wow, what a wonderful God.

We also see another death wish being executed in the lifetime of Christ, though it’s not really a death wish. The mother of Zebedee’s children besought Jesus to let her two children sit on his sides in his kingdom. Jesus however could not do that because it was the Father’s decision. However, because of their request, all the disciples got their names written on the twelve foundations of the Jerusalem city. This is also another death wish come true.

What do you seek from God to be done for you? Ask it and it shall be given to you, work it and you shall have it for yourself and none other. Paul wanted the high prize of the calling in Christ Jesus and he had the Gospel for himself. Paul laboured for the gospel and it became his because he earned it.

What are you looking for? What is your death wish? Tell it to God and He will do it for you (rf. John 16:23). Do not only ask or look for worldly things but things that have eternal value and weight, God will do it that you will be surprised. God bless you.


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