Leaning On Jesus

Now we have people saying all over Facebook and the airwaves that “do not lean on man or trust in a friend because man is ‘dangerous’. Of course it is a curse to trust in the arm of flesh but that doesn’t mean we should do away with all men. What we tell ourselves is that we’re wicked people and uncaring, which is not always the case- there are good men and women around.

To root out ‘our nature to depend on people’ is to cause us to halt as lame men. By saying such things, we are declaring wickedness in the earth, which is what some people say, “no mercy for the cripple”. In this note, I want to look at what leaning on Jesus is.

Are we to look up solely to Jesus without looking at man? Like we do in our prayers, we pray to God in the name of Jesus but our eyes and hearts are on that particular person because it’s like he or she is our only hope of salvation. Isn’t that supposed to be what leaning on Jesus is?

Well, if you take out our dependence on man and rely solely on God, what we have is a wicked generation who have no regard for Jesus Christ even though he walks on the earth (cp. Matthew 25:45). What we’ll have is a people who deny the Lord Jesus Christ the very things he needs yet look up to him always for answers. Is that right? Our blessings don’t come from God direct, they come through man and if we’ll treat man well, then we are sure to receive many blessings because we did it to God.

What does it mean to lean on Jesus? What does it mean to cast our cares or burdens on the Lord? How is it even possible to keep your faith in someone who you cannot see but who works on your behalf some times? Can we lean on Jesus all the time? Which is easier, leaning on your friend who you see or leaning on Jesus who you feel?

The reason for asking these questions is, if we do not allow ourselves to be used by God and Christ, then it’s no use saying to the crowd that we should lean on man but Jesus. If Jesus will help us, is it not through man that he’ll do it? If we cannot avail ourselves for God’s love to fill our hearts so we’ll be of help to others, it’s no use saying that they can receive help or solace from Christ.

All the same when we help out with our little best, we show that Christ is alive and in us. It is by our love and care that the world will know there is Jesus and there is God. It is by our love that the world will know we are the disciples of Christ. Saying such things is only making excuse to live in wickedness and unkindness, and there are too many of them in the world. What the world needs is people who will be sold out to the purpose of helping others out.

Let’s be wise to turn others to righteousness else there will come a time when we’ll not even have neighbours (friends). God bless you.


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