What A Shock!

“What a shock” is the headline that you find on an obituary poster here in my country Ghana. There are similar names or terms like “Gone too soon” which is used for the middle ages and “Call to glory” which are used for the elderly, those above or about 70yrs. Why should someone’s death be a shock?

We know that ‘the good die young’ but only once because God does not want them in destruction (hell). If the good die young, then those living are all evil or wicked men, who live longer than even the good ones. The reason is that again, God does not want these wicked men to end up in destruction therefore, He gives them more grace so they repent from their sin.

The fact that someone dies early doesn’t mean he was a sinner, he may have died of his foolishness, being a drunkard or smoker.

It might not look like it but a sinner who dies in his old age is likely to be saved because by the time he reaches old age, he will have realized a lot of things about life and would be living his or her life cautiously. Assuredly, it is rare to find old or aged men who live their lives anyhow; it is rather the young men who gamble with their lives, as we find.

Why is it or should it be a shock, when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died at the age of 33? Had he been born in our time, I’m sure his funeral would have been ‘what a shock’.

Jesus dying early shows that death has no age respect. It is not only the aged who die, the young too can die and that should be our fear/ dread. We’ve been raised with the mindset that our life expectancy is this or that for our country so we do not plan out our lives, how we have to live it. It’s like we live anyhow because we think the life expectancy somehow applies to us irrespective of how we live. However, to tell you the sad truth, that is not always the case.

We can die at any time therefore, we have to plan our lives. Like I wrote in this note, death is the only constant in this world and whether you like it or not, you’re going to die one day. Whether you die at an early age or at a later age, you will surely die unless Christ comes the second time. Let us take this to mind and live in the fear of God, i.e. live to glorify God. God bless you.


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