Why You Should Have A Spiritual Address

We cannot overlook the importance of addresses, as they are the means through which people are able to contact us. When you have an address, – being a business owner or an individual, – it becomes easier for people to reach you. Today, I want to look at why you should have a spiritual address too.

We have postal addresses where people mail their letters to us. We have e-mails where people inbox us every now and then. We even have residential addresses where people can come to us directly when they want to talk or converse with us. But what about an S-mail, a spiritual mail?

I remember I used to have an s-mail where God would send me topics to pray on (now I am not as spiritual as I was). It was like a network of believers, where we prayed, interceded and stood in the gap for the church, believers and the world. We got to allow or disallow anything before it happened on the earth and It was so lovely.

But what about a spiritual address. Do you have a spiritual address? Lemme help you to get it. Your spiritual address is the place where God can meet or locate you when He wants to. It is or can be any place but usually, it is one particular place which He knows when He goes there, He’ll find you no matter what. For Adam and Eve and the early forefathers, theirs was the Garden of Eden.

Jesus’ spiritual address on earth was the Temple. As a small boy, Jesus never departed from the Temple because he was always about his Father’s business. And the good thing is, he grew up with it. During his ministry, when his mother and siblings were looking for him, they easily found him because he was preaching in the synagogue (Matthew 12:9, 46-47).

Another person’s spiritual address I want to look at is the widow at Zarephath. I believe there were many women in Israel who God could have used to bless the man of God Elijah, but this particular widow was chosen (rf. Luke 4:25-26). What could be particular about this widow? Could it have been her devotion to God or her humility to people? In any case, she was the God chose and it wasn’t in a church house but around her home.

Today, we take our spiritual addresses to be the church because that is where we meet God and also because, that is where most men of God operate. However, our spiritual addresses are not only churches, they can be our homes if we’ll cultivate it as a house of prayer, and even work places. If you’re that faithful in your work, I believe God can use someone at your workplace to prophesy into your life and turn your life around.

Spiritual addresses are important because if God has anything to say to us, – which He has even many, – His prophet will deliver the message to us. Also, spiritual mails are important so we can channel our issues to God for replies (answers). So this is my little thought on why you should have a spiritual address. God bless you.


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