Paul’s Wisdom

Introduction Peter speaks of Paul’s wisdom as one that was given to him (2 Peter 3:15-16). Whether it was given to him by God or Christ or his own wisdom, it is not clarified. We know by reading from the scriptures that Paul had a wisdom. He understood the scriptures in a certain light, even... Continue Reading →

Dark Matter: Discussed

I wrote this sometime during the Christmas season but I hadn’t grasped the concept fully, so I want to address it again. What is dark matter? We say “dark matter, dark matter”, that there is dark matter… what is dark matter anyway. To say, it is any matter not quantifiable in the electromagnetic spectrum. Thus,... Continue Reading →

Sensuality In Christianity

One of the marked difference between human beings and other beings is our sense of sensuality. Sensuality to explain is something that relates to our senses or body and not the mind or spirit. Sensual beings are more emotional or empathetic about each other or other people, and tend to relate to them in that... Continue Reading →

Illuminati: Discussed

Illuminati, any of various groups or people who claim to have some kind of special or enlightened knowledge on a particular subject, especially in philosophy or religion. Today, this word is used mostly to refer to some people that are thought of as evil but illuminati is a word for the church. In fact, illuminati... Continue Reading →

The Error Of Man

In Romans 1:18-32, Paul addresses the error of man, the era where man went wrong. Sadly for some today, they do not know the error man entered into and so repeat it. Since the Scripture is a long one, I would straightaway address the issues raised in them here. The men of old were not... Continue Reading →

Falling Or Fallen?

How do you know whether someone has fallen or not? Well in these times, it is easier knowing as we have many practical examples. The 'institutioning' of gay marriages and people openly denouncing their faith are vivid examples. Like someone wrote in his book, there are signs people show when they’re sliding backwards (i.e. backsliding).... Continue Reading →

Death (The Only Constant)

It is quite surprising the only thing, which people don’t plan for is death. But did you know that everything in this world keeps changing? Whether you’ll have that child or not, it is a probability. Whether you’ll make it in this life or not, it is a chance. Nothing is constant in this world... Continue Reading →

Biblical Science (Part 1)

I don’t know how to define this but this is a post on ‘classification of animals in biblical times’. Biblical science therefore, is the study of the knowledge that those in biblical times had. Thus, the study of the science that can be retrieved from the bible. I want to consider one aspect tonight, which... Continue Reading →

Resting In-Between Blog Posts

I cannot overemphasize how important this is. I’m sure you’ve been told that to get more follows, you have to blog every day. Well, inasmuch as getting many follows enhances your reach, you must realize that you’ll be bogging yourself down. Here’s what to do whilst you have the time before writing your next post.... Continue Reading →

Five (5) Bad Office Habits

The office is a place where all kinds of people meet together for a common goal- to be productive. We come from different homes and so our characters are different. When one is in the office, there are certain criteria to adhere to and most times, these rules miss out on the moral ones. Is... Continue Reading →

Art Over Ego (Gospel Music)

Many times, I have seen this and it’s becoming unbearable for me. In trying to bring out gospel songs that inspire, we tend to promote our art over the ego, that is, the will to worship God our Creator. My motive here is to draw the attention of these musicians to it, and perhaps listeners... Continue Reading →

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