Why You Should Have A Spiritual Address

We cannot overlook the importance of addresses, as they are the means through which people are able to contact us. When you have an address, - being a business owner or an individual, - it becomes easier for people to reach you. Today, I want to look at why you should have a spiritual address... Continue Reading →


Windows Revelational Theory

There is this theory I have about the releases of Windows OS which I don’t know if anybody or somebody has caught it too. The recent releases of the Windows Operating Systems (i.e. since 2007) tend to side-line with Scripture (see Revelation 17:10-11). I don’t know if this is a joke on the part of... Continue Reading →

Setting Your Mind Right

There is nothing as good as having a right mind i.e. having a mind that understands things perfectly without aid. We are all in a situation where most times, we get things wrong for all the wrong reasons and to say, it is hard accepting we got it wrong. When we have the right mind,... Continue Reading →

The Promised Land

There is a promised land for everyone that believes. The Israelites who left Egypt did not enter into their promised land except two because of unbelief; they all died in the wilderness. Today, Christians have a rest, which they enter into when they receive the Gospel message. Just like it was with the Israelites, Christians... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Demon

These are the confessions of a demon, one that was caught when he had just obtained his witchcraft. Had it been many weeks, months, or years, he would have been irredeemable. Speaking naturally, everybody has a devil in him/her and it is when he/she is threatened or in trouble that you see the devil in... Continue Reading →

Who We Are…

…and why we are here. This is the million-dollar question that the 21st century human being asks. Sadly for some, the answers provided are not sufficient/ convincing, or probably not what they are looking for. If you are such a person, perhaps this message may be for you. In each and every life that God... Continue Reading →


This is a message God is touching my heart to share with someone in particular. Your life has been retrogressing; everything seems to turn backward. Could it be the way you confess things you hear with your mouth? Will.i.am is not the name of that rapper but a term I’ve coined. When you separate the... Continue Reading →

30 Pieces Of Silver

In the prophetic sense, 30 pieces of silver was the price of a servant (Zechariah 11:12). As Moses coded, servant was to be given 30 pieces of silver when an ox of his master’s hurt him (Exodus 21:32). Jesus Christ being the servant of the Most High God was sold to the high priests by... Continue Reading →

Gaining True Acceptance

True acceptance comes by living and walking in faith towards God – Albert. When Abraham walked with God, he was called the friend of God because he believed in Him (James 2:23). We can never have true acceptance from God unless we obey what He tells us. We know this through the three of stages... Continue Reading →

Into The Occult (Exposed)

Some people have been wondering or asking, “How are people enrolled into the social/cultic groups that speak in a certain way?” (paraphrased) Well, taking the occult for example, I will tell you why. I belong to the ‘futurism’ group; we always talk about the future and what’s in stock for us but for me, I... Continue Reading →

4 1 9 (Advance Fee Scam)

If you’ve been ‘four-one-nined’, do not worry, you’re not the only one. We’ve all experienced fraud in one form or another before. Even 419 was used on Jesus Christ, the certain rich man spoken of in Luke 16:1-12. The kingdom of heaven is not coming literally as some perceive, at least not until the dawn... Continue Reading →

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