Virtuoso (Verse)

V, she performs like a virtuoso She has remarkable artistic skills As I always hear in her songs She is a great performer and not only that She has great music too Here are a bit of her virtuosity   1 Send Me A Boyfriend;- A woman so strong in faith She prays for a... Continue Reading →


Virtue (Verse)

1 Virtue, a quality morally good as she herself V has many virtues, and one of them is honesty Truthfulness, and possesses a moral compass She is good, and truthful, honest and moral   2 Virtue, an admirable quality as hers So much so that sometimes I wonder “Who is she really? What is she... Continue Reading →

Vault (Verse)

1 Vault, graciously I’ve found a new word for V She is my safe room where I’m free from all All viruses, all thieves, and hookers in life V keeps me safe all in all to say And makes me want nothing Because she has my valuables   2 Vault, like her name, so is... Continue Reading →

Valentine (Verse)

Val, I call her like she’s my pal If not for her, I would have no valentine But Christ has her place in my heart right now Val is my everything to me; she is many things to me If you haven’t met her, this is the best description of her Veracious, full of grace... Continue Reading →

Veil (Verse)

1 Veil, my covering which is my glory If not for her, I would have long hair But now is she my covering of hair Without her, I would have been bald With so much anointing like Elisha’s Because I’m or I’ve been joined to her Now I am as a man, as any other... Continue Reading →

Viol (Verse)

1 Viol, the only tune to my melodic heart That plucks me like a stringed instrument… Because I am one, one of the orchestras of God   2 Viol is the one I love because she sings And not only sings, but plays the guitar also Like Saul, she takes away the evil spirits as... Continue Reading →

Voice (Verse)

1 V, the only voice that speaks to me She is and has one voice Because she is only one and authentic She never confuses herself, and neither me Because she is true to herself and real to me Even when she speaks through others It’s like she is the one speaking Because I hear... Continue Reading →

Vice (Verse)

1 Vice, the other person beside me She is like my other self, the person aside me When I am not in charge, she is in charge Because she is my Vice and my wife She holds me upright like a clamp in carpentry She planes me till I am smooth to the fingers And... Continue Reading →

Verily (Verse)

NB: I guess this is the only way I can communicate with my wife-to-be, so I’m gonna use it. Verily, the one who speaks and every voice is silent in my life When she speaks, everything else is finished I know her voice, because I have studied it I will follow none other but hers... Continue Reading →

Vase (Verse For Someone Special)

Vase, the only woman that holds me up like she should Everyday, I stand in her because she holds me up Everyday, she receives the water that drips from me into her And she is never full, because she is Vase She holds me up and supports me by her prayers   Like the earth,... Continue Reading →

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