My Verses For V


V is the initial of a special woman I adore so much, and love dearly. She’s been one of the pioneers of my uprising and probably the only one who speaks to me like I expect. In other words, she’s touched my heart so much with her songs.

To cut it short, V is the name of Vienna Rose Dare, a musician who sings pop (love) songs. I think pop songs are basically love songs because they pop love in you, i.e. in the listener, as the genre revolves around love.

I decided to write these verses for V (her) to show my appreciation for what she’s done for me and in me and also as a token of my love for her.

Since she (asked me?) not to call her ‘babe’ in one of her vlogs, I’ve decided to call her all the names or words that start with V in the dictionary. Remember that W (double V, not what you know/think) and U can be part of it too (V and U are interchangeable, refer to your English history lesson). This is when I run out of words for V 😉

So, these are the verses from my heart for you V; I hope you love them. Since I cannot get – into contact with – you in any way, I am using this platform (my platform) to get to you, in case one day you find this out. God bless you V, I love you.

1. Vase

  1. Vase, the only woman that holds me up like she should

Everyday, I stand in her because she holds me up

Everyday, she receives the water that drips from me into her

And she is never full, because she is Vase

She holds me up and supports me by her prayers


Like the earth, she holds me up and lets me stand

I do not only stand, but I stand upright because I’m in Vase

This is not just any vase, but this Vase is wonderful and beautiful

She is and has been wonderfully crafted by her Potter…

That she does the job for a flower like me

It’s like we were made for each other, the vase and the flower


She doesn’t care how long or short I flower (bud)

Because she knows that I’m always green, I’m always watered down in her

And for that, she would make me flower when the time comes

Even though sometimes I run brown and/or dry because of the seasons

Yet she waits patiently that the season go over

So I can flower again bountifully


  1. Vase, my one and only in whom I stand

Even if I wither away, I will still stand in her…

Because I’m with her and am meant for her

We were or are wonderfully made by our Creator to be with each other

Who else could I go to and who else can I run to?


Surely, not one water shall drip from me without it passing through her first

And as the dew of heaven fall on the leaves and wets the ground

So the leaves perspire and drops as dew to the ground

This shall her blessing be because she holds me up


She is just beneath me and I’m right above her

That’s how just connected we are to each other

That is, we’re connected through the roots

We’re rooted to each other as the ground is to the trees


  1. Vase, she is the enzyme that catalyses me

She speeds up every process in me, and makes me want to be the person I am

She is like the virtuous woman who receives her praises

She makes me proud, because she satisfies me before I go hungry

Like how the enzymes work, she keeps me (my body) going


Who is like unto her and who is like her?

She is like all the enzymes in the human body that simplify life’s processes

She is like the enzymes in my pancreas, intestine and mouth

That break down into simple forms all the things that I cannot myself break down


  1. Vase, what shall I do? What would I have become had you not been here?


2. Verily

  1. Verily, the one who speaks and every voice is silent in my life

When she speaks, everything else is finished

I know her voice, because I have studied it

I will follow none other but hers

Verily, she speaks through others even when I am not aware

She needs not present herself before me

She could use others to speak to me and I will hear

Because it is she, it is her voice in people


  1. Verily, the one who stays true to herself

And is not ashamed to let me know her

She hides nothing from me and is not ashamed of me

Because she is proud of me and makes me proud

There is nothing to be ashamed for in her

Knowing her and knowing who she is

She waits for no man to tell me but tells me herself

Which is why I love her and love to be with her


  1. Verily, there is none like her that I can call

I could say ‘yours truly’ but she is ‘my verily’

She is like the words of my saviour

Who speaks heartily whenever he means his words

Like my saviour, she never minces her words

But stays true to them and follows them

“Deep calleth unto deep”, that is how she calls me

Whenever she wants to speak to me, she is v(-ery d-)eep


  1. Verily, the only one who tells others about me

When others are not but going their way

Like the vehicle, she cannot go forward without me

She is my ride and I’m her ride

We ride each other and keep rocking in each other

They say, “An eye for an eye” but not so with us

Between me and her, it is “an I (eye) in an I (eye)”

That’s how we relate to each other; we’re the same


3. Vice

1 Vice, the other person beside me

She is like my other self, the person aside me

When I am not in charge, she is in charge

Because she is my Vice and my wife

She holds me upright like a clamp in carpentry

She planes me till I am smooth to the fingers

And does not stop till I am polished


2 If there was someone other, it would be my Vice

She rules the world when I am away…

On another mission, on a trip abroad or elsewhere

Together, we rule this world and the next

Together we stand like a G in each other


3 V is no vice at all to me in relationship

She was raised up in the fear of God

And she is a Christian, as beautiful as Christ’s bride

She doesn’t overdress like others

Her adornment is as the weighty glory of God; it speaks volumes

And her glory (boast/praise) is as the beauty of a virtuous woman

So brilliant and illuminating it is to the eyes

That one cannot stop looking at her

Like as the ‘burning bush’ was – irresistible – to Moses


4 She is a firebrand clamped into God

Like the cherubims and seraphims, so is she

She possesses the fire of God like a holder

And that is the Vice I have chosen

None other can support me like her


4. Voice

1 V, the only voice that speaks to me

She is and has one voice

Because she is only one and authentic

She never confuses herself, and neither me

Because she is true to herself and real to me

Even when she speaks through others

It’s like she is the one speaking

Because I hear her voice in the(-m/irs)


2 When people copy or try to speak like her

They only confuse themselves

Because I know V’s voice and have studied it

No hireling can ever confuse me with my V(-oice)

Because they are not my shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd

But V is my shepherd too

She takes care of me when I can’t or won’t

Because she is my V(-o-)ice


3 She gives me voice where I have no voice

She is like my audience

But then gives me more audience

(Let those who have ears understand)

V sends me to places where I cannot go

Because she sends my voice to them, to ‘those people’

She carries my voice with her wherever she goes

Because she is not ashamed of me, to love me as I am

I will cut it here V, I’m speaking too much

Surprisingly, she gave me this V(-oice)…

To see what I would write about her


5. Viol

1 Viol, the only tune to my melodic heart

That plucks me like a stringed instrument…

Because I am one, one of the orchestras of God


2 Viol is the one I love because she sings

And not only sings, but plays the guitar also

Like Saul, she takes away the evil spirits as David

Those evil spirits of schizophrenia that trouble me day and night


3 Without Viol, I would have been as a mad man

Talking to no one but myself in particular

Though no one understood me

Viol understood me perfectly and knew me

So she sung and sings to the rhythms of my heart

And is able to tap into my brain waves and calm it


4 Viol sings, because she is a viol

And that’s all that she does-

To sing and make melodies

She is a violin and she is always voila, doing her thing for Jesus

Nothing can stop her ‘cos that’s what she’s been called to do


5 To Viol, I would say “play my heart like you should…

And make me melodious, meritorious and monotonous (i.e. to have one voice)

Yours Valentine (is around the corner)


6. Veil

1 Veil, my covering which is my glory

If not for her, I would have long hair

But now is she my covering of hair

Without her, I would have been bald

With so much anointing like Elisha’s

Because I’m or I’ve been joined to her

Now I am as a man, as any other man

A man that marrieth and haves children

A man that is not supposed to be eunuch

Not single for life or single so as to concentrate on ministry


2 My veil is my blood that covereth me and keeps me chaste

If not for her, I would have been as a dog chasing after lascivious women

She covers me with her blood and keeps me pure and holy

Like the blood of the lamb, so is her blood

Pure and holy is her blood, undefiled and without impurity


3 Veil, the covering that is my bride

That covers her beauty with her covering

O when shall I unveil her? To wit

She decks herself with diamonds and linen…

On her day, her wedding day


4 This is my veil whom I am proud of

To unveil to the whole world who she really is

None is like her and none to be compared

Adorable and peaceable are but few of her names

This is the covering which she has covered herself with

Even with these names, which are filled with so much awe


5 To veil I say, cover me with thy blessings and glory

Cover me, that my nakedness be not revealed

Thou art my covering, in which is no shame


7. Valentine

Val, I call her like she’s my pal

If not for her, I would have no valentine

But Christ has her place in my heart right now

Val is my everything to me; she is many things to me

If you haven’t met her, this is the best description of her

  1. Veracious, full of grace and truth like Christ

Her words are gracious in the ears and redeem the soul

  1. Apothecary, her songs are like healing balms…

Which makes the listener sold out and healthy

  1. Loyalty perfects her, like I have not found any like her

She stays true to her words, and not only that, but to me also

  1. Earnestly she sings and dances to her words

She is a hearty person and she is lovely too

  1. Nifty she is in character and dressing

Her appearance before all is unique and clever

  1. Thoughtful, you can tell she is very considerate

She is careful about her words and means them when she says it

  1. Impeccable, the best words to describe her figure

Not only is she perfect, but perfect in loving too

  1. Novelty is her work and which she always strives for

She always comes up with a new style, something not heard before

  1. Elect, lastly she is special, a brand plucked from fire

Like she is the only daughter of her Father i.e. most beloved

So these are the few words to describe my valentine

If you find her, give her praise because she is priceless

Love to you my Valentine, greater love to you

Bless your heart, and bless my heart too


8 Vault

1 Vault, graciously I’ve found a new word for V

She is my safe room where I’m free from all

All viruses, all thieves, and hookers in life

V keeps me safe all in all to say

And makes me want nothing

Because she has my valuables


2 Vault, like her name, so is her shape

She is an arched roof covering me

And shielding me in the Church

She is a church to me, where I run to

And I’m safe, or saved, and liberated

V is my vault, my only safe haven


3 Vault has my wine and money

She has all my valuables too

Like the bank or wine store

So she has everything I own

And gives them to me as…

And when the time is due


4 Vault lifts me beyond the skies/heaven, poetically

Because actually, that is where I am and belong

A child of God, a child of light, and she’s the same

Like the wind of heaven, she sweeps me up

And waves me in the sea of it till I’m drunk

V is like the sky lit up between the heavens


9. Virtue

1 Virtue, a quality morally good as she herself

V has many virtues, and one of them is honesty

Truthfulness, and possesses a moral compass

She is good, and truthful, honest and moral


2 Virtue, an admirable quality as hers

So much so that sometimes I wonder

“Who is she really? What is she like?”

One thing I can say, she is admirable


3 Virtue possesses moral goodness and righteousness

Her moral compass is solid and unflinching

She is resolute in her ways and right with them

And always ensures that everything is good


4 Virtue has many desirable features

Not physical-wise but inwardly

When she speaks, her heart sings soulfully

She is so full of virtue; I just want to tell you


10. Virtuoso (Verse)

V, she performs like a virtuoso

She has remarkable artistic skills

As I always hear in her songs

She is a great performer and not only that

She has great music too

Here are a bit of her virtuosity


1 Send Me A Boyfriend;-

A woman so strong in faith

She prays for a boyfriend from God

If there’s anything to look for in a woman

It is this- a woman that’s prayerful


2 King Kong’s Skyline;-

A woman who sees herself in God’s big picture

As she goes about her duties

She watches the skylines for God’s love


3 Here With Us;-

A woman who examines baby Jesus

Like deep within her heart

She longs for a child of her own

That is, a child of/from God


4 Not So Average;-

When I heard NSA

I was like that’s what she is

She does not raise herself so high

Neither does bend herself too low

She is just humble and obedient


5 Emotionful;-

This is my song of the year

Because it touches the heart so much

We are all emotional and get hurt by it

And sometimes we let that get over us

But we’re stronger and better than that


So these are a piece of V’s virtuosity

They are not all but they sum it all

She is just that articulate and skillful

And always comes up with something new




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