When Faith Meets Anointing

Faith is like a plug which you plug into God’s anointing; anointing is like the power that runs through electric cables. Did you know that sometimes you cannot receive what you want unless you plug in your faith? Did you also know that sometimes anointing alone is enough to bring you what you want? Well... Continue Reading →


Why Some Are Leaders

Perhaps you may have realized that some people are chosen as leaders whilst others are not. Perhaps you may have realized that there are some qualities that are peculiar to leaders, though not in all. Well this article seeks to tell you why some are chosen as leaders and others are not. They learn aside... Continue Reading →

The Presence Of God

God’s presence is ‘something’ many people find comforting. You can tell from the way they feel at home when they come into God’s presence at church or Christian gathering. If you’re in sin, you would find God’s presence to be the opposite, that something keeps prodding your conscience until you confess. In today’s note, I... Continue Reading →

The Testimony Of Jesus Christ

In church, testimonies are very powerful tools God and the pastor uses in spreading the word. When you have a testimony, you show that God is alive and at work. Today, I want to consider something that is peculiar to the book of Revelation – the testimony of Jesus Christ. What is the testimony of... Continue Reading →

Church (Poem)

The church the bride of Christ is She is number one on God’s  list Here comes the beautiful bride No one can have her and chide Even God delights in her Because she is rare She is the bride of the Lamb of God Not just to anybody but the Son of God The body... Continue Reading →

The Two Witnesses (Talk)

I think I wrote this in my previous blog earlier this year but it is so important I want to write it again. The Two Witnesses we’ve probably heard of them but who are they, what will they be doing. Will they receive the love (support) they need when they come? Will they be received... Continue Reading →

Multiverse: Science And Religion

In this article, I want to discuss or bring out the facts about the multiverse in my own view. This article is a bridge of science and religion, so you may find some things discomfiting. What is the multiverse? It is a hypothetical space or realm consisting of a number of universes, of which our... Continue Reading →

Vessels For Destruction

You see that when we have vessels that are no longer of use to us, we throw them away or dash them to another. Well, God has no other god besides Him so He destroys His vessels when they're not anymore profitable to Him. There are vessels that have been reserved for destruction, because once... Continue Reading →


See, God, leave them alone. If we had judged this same way, they would've said that God is wicked. But when they're the ones judging, they think they're right, that they have their temper under control. Hm! 

Removing The Dross

Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer. (Proverbs 25:4) We know that metals cannot be any purer if they have or there are dross on them. Our lives here on earth as believers are like metals, with sin and evil being the dross. If we... Continue Reading →

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